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Meet Your Inaugural Rider

Corey Swickle

Corey, wife Sara and their three children – Camden, Levi & Laurel – reside in Woodbine, MD. Corey & Sara met at High Point University. Corey played baseball & Sara played soccer. 

After graduating, Corey moved to Maryland and began working for a large commercial contracting company. After a few years in the industry, Corey was afforded the opportunity to work at Hercules High Security. HHS specializes in designing, furnishing, installing and maintaining all types of active and passive anti-terrorism / force protection systems. Corey started as a Project Manager and quickly rose the ranks to Vice President which he’s served as for the past three years.

After graduating, Sara moved back home to Maryland and began working for an interior design firm. For the past three years, Sara has watched over the home front as a stay-at-home mother.

Camden enjoys soccer, baseball & golf. He is a great big brother to Levi & Laurel. Camden was the inspiration behind R3’s slogan – every night before bed since the moment Camden could talk, Corey would say “Work hard, dream big, be kind” and Camden would repeat it back to Corey. Levi, the middle child, is the cutest maniac in the world. If it were up to Levi, he would play golf 24-7. He loves playing golf with Daddy and he also loves driving around the fields in the Gator with Daddy. Laurel is the princess of the family – she sprints over to Daddy as soon as he gets home from work! But, boy oh boy does she have some pipes on her! Laurel has quite the personality and she's got Corey wrapped around her finger for sure!

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